Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AngularJS Dependency Injection Cheatsheet

I finally get it. A cheatsheet for AngularJS dependency injection is as follows:

var somethingController = angular.module('What_it_provides', ['what', 'it', 'depends', on']);

somethingController.controller('Name', ['$what', '$it', 'depends', 'on', function('$what', '$it', 'depends', 'on') {
    // implementation, which returns a value, presumably.

The core Angular dependencies (those in ng) are not listed in the angular.module() call, but they are listed in the .controller() call and in the function signature.

The 'What_it_provides' name seems to be used by the dependency injection framework in calls to angular.module(), i.e. the provider name, e.g. SomethingService. But the name would just be Something.
The 'Name' name seems to be used in parameter lists of implementation functions and in calls to controller(), factory(), etc.

See the example from the AngularJS tutorial step 11.

Friday, January 24, 2014

My git alias configuration

        tree = log --graph --oneline --decorate
        st = status