Friday, February 09, 2007

NetPing util

NetPing util: "NetPing
Jeff Key
January 24, 2003
Updated August 24, 2003

<24jan2003>I recently got myself into a situation where I was away from the office on the VPN and, changed a machine's IP address, rebooted it and realized I forgot to note the new address. Since the only access I had to the machine was via Remote Desktop over the VPN, I was in a sticky situation. Rather than ping all 255 addresses on our subnet to figure out what its new address was, I wrote this little util.

How times have changed!

Thanks to several good folks, Adam Cogan and Scott Hanselman in particular, NetPing has grown into quite a beast.

Here is the current feature set:

* Pings range of ip addresses.
* Two types of AddIns supported: Column and Action."