Sunday, April 26, 2009

Using Script# with ASP.NET

Random notes on this topic.
  • Follow instructions here on wiring up the control, specifically the parts about implementing IScriptControl, and overriding OnPreRender() and Render(). However you *must* make one crucial change, or else you'll break ALL javascript on the page.
    • You must change this line as follows:

    • Before:
          var descriptor = new ScriptControlDescriptor("namespace.class", this.ClientID);
          var descriptor = new ScriptControlDescriptor("namespace.class", someOtherControl.ClientID);
      The problem is that user controls do not, per se, have an associated HTML control, so it's necessary to place the control's contents inside a Panel. If you do try to create a descriptor using "this", the un-handled error resulting from the $create() call on the client will cause all page-initialization-related Javascript that runs after that point to fail, thus breaking the page in a big way.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

GWT Designer, ScriptSharp, Ext JS

Some AJAX things I've been eyeing. Microsoft AJAX just isn't good for certain things, although it's nice.