Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eureka! SoapExtension problems solved! - Jan Tielens' Bloggings

This guy had my same problem. I'm recording this here for posterity's sake.

Eureka! SoapExtension problems solved! - Jan Tielens' Bloggings: "Maybe you've read my post about the problems I had while using a custom SoapExtension class. Thanks to an anonymous reaction, I found the sollution!! I was testing the webservice by using the default test page from Internet Explorer, but the testpage in IE uses the GET protocol, not the SOAP protocol. So there was nothing wrong with my code (I started believing I really sucked ;-), I only had to make a very simple test application. Thanks again to the person who submitted this tip!"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Exception Handling Advice for ASP.NET Web Applications Exception Handling Advice for ASP.NET Web Applications:

"The Crib Notes
My advice for handling exceptions in an ASP.NET application can be boiled down to the following guidelines:
  • Create and use a meaningful custom error page.
  • In general, do not catch exceptions. Let them bubble up to the ASP.NET runtime. Some cases where catching an exception makes sense include:
    • When there is a plausible way to recover from the exception by performing some alternative logic,
    • When a peripheral part of the application's workflow throws and exception and that exception should not derail the entire application, and
    • When you need to include additional information with the exception by throwing a new exception that has the original exception as its inner exception.
  • Log all exceptions to some persistent store and use email (or some other medium) to notify developers when an exception occurs in production. Consider using ELMAH or ASP.NET's built-in Health Monitoring system to facilitate this process.
Read on for a more in-depth look at these suggestions."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Make Your ASP.NET Third Party Component 10x Faster > Web/Cloud Applications Development Platform > White Papers

How to Make Your ASP.NET Third Party Component 10x Faster > Web/Cloud Applications Development Platform > White Papers:

I wonder how well this works. I tried making a control using Visual WebGui, but it was extremely expensive to load up a hundred of them on one page (yes, that's my requirement).

"The following document will explore the basics of enhancing 3rd party ASP.NET components performance by leveraging the Empty Client (an ASP.NET extension) pipeline.

1.1�What is the Empty Client?
This architecture is an emerging open source methodology which offers a different approach to architecting, developing and deploying AJAX applications. In order to shed some light on this methodology, we will compare it to the classic Thin and Thick (also referred to as Fat or Smart) client approach and to traditional AJAX structures. Empty Client offers a new balance between the Thin and Thick client approaches and a new channeling of the AJAX calls."
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Making Sense of ASP.NET Paths

Making Sense of ASP.NET Paths: "ASP.Net includes quite a plethora of properties to retrieve path information about the current request, control and application. There's a ton of information available about paths on the Request object, some of it appearing to overlap and some of it buried several levels down, and it can be confusing to find just the right path that you are looking for."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to commit in Git when there are "suspicious patch lines" with trailing whitespace

Try the following:

1. Stage desired files using "git add" or "git add -p" or "git gui" or "git citool" etc.
2. Use "git commit --no-verify"

Actually, was this really worth a blog post? Since this blog acts to augment my memory, I guess it does.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Dynamic LINQ - Development With A Dot

Dynamic LINQ - Development With A Dot: "Included with Microsoft's .NET samples, which you can get here lies an hidden gem: a set of method extensions for IQueryable and IQueryable that allow execution of lambda expressions specified as strings, which is handy if you want to generate expressions dynamically."