Friday, September 14, 2007

This was useful when I was looking for the key to view the next error in Visual Studio 2005 C# profile (Ctrl-Alt-F12, by the way):


Microsoft Visual C# Default Keybindings

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shortcuts, warnings, and error. messages. ... Notes: These key bindings are only available through the Visual C# Development. Settings. ... - Similar pages - Note this

Microsoft Visual Basic Default Keybindings

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keyboard shortcuts and detailed descriptions, see ... for Visual Basic 2005 is a free application that you can download to. help do this. ... - Similar pages - Note this - Visual Studio .NET Keyboard Shortcuts Macro - Visual Studio .NET Keyboard Shortcuts Macro: "This article describes how to create and run a macro, from within Visual Studio .NET, which produces an HTML table showing all of your current keyboard mappings (shortcuts). It is useful for finding key bindings, and provide a much easier way to merely browse through them, rather than using Visual Studio's ridiculously small browse window (which shows 4 and a half listings at once)."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Re: Inner workings of RDA - MSDN Forums

Re: Inner workings of RDA - MSDN Forums:

"These 7 columns are used for tracking inserts and updates in the table. The tracking is required to identify the data that has changed for synchronization with the data in SQL Server. These are system columns and used only for replication of data. The description of the columns is as given below:

Col Name





The local generation at which the row has been inserted.



The generation of the change



The time and date the change occurred.



Custom Property



The bitmap of the changed columns



The bitmap of the changed columns, saved for change forwarding between sync partners.



Server Reference

Apart from the 7 systems columns that are added to each SQL Mobile table which has data replicating with SQL Server, there are 3 systems tables - __sysTrackedObjects, __sysRowTrack, __sysDeletedRows. The systems tables are used as following:

__sysTrackedObjects : Holds information about various tracking related objects, such as sync partners, tracked tables, tracked columns, properties etc.

__sysRowTrack : Contains change information about rows and columns currently, it only contains information about rows deleted from user tables.

__sysDeletedRows : Contains temporary information about deleted rows. This information is merged into the __sysRowTrack table upon beginning of a sync

The __sysDeletedRows table holds the information about the deleted rows